Tuesday, June 6th (SOLD OUT!) and Tuesday, June 13th at Farrelli’s Pizza, 813 W Yelm Ave, Yelm, WA 98597

Tickets are goin’ fast so’s get yous now or Fuggitaboutit.

Brought to you by Standing Room Only (SRO) and dat Brundizzi Mafia Family. Answer the questions below and email to  We’ll contact you for confirmation and payment. Don’t miss out on dis evenin’ of Muh-dah!!


Select one salad on below menu per attendee:

How many House Salads?

What type of dressing for each? (they are listed on the menu):

How many Caesar Salads? (has its own dressing):


Select one entree on below menu per attendee:

Which and How many Calzones?

Which and How many Pastas? Any Vegetarian options?:

Pizza – All are personal size – Regular or Cauliflower Crust? Which Pizza(s)?

Your Contact info: Tell us your name, phone number and email.

We will contact you to confirm your menu choices and collect payment.

Thank you for letting us entertain you!



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