SRO’s Calendar Girls & COVID-19

SRO will continue performances of Calendar Girls as scheduled. The health, safety and wellbeing of our audience, performers, and production team are the highest priority for SRO.

Although no standards have been set for events in Thurston County, we wanted to make you aware of the steps we are taking to safeguard the health of those attending and participating in our production. We will continue to monitor the situation and recommended guidelines regarding the novel coronavirus COVID-19, and are prepared to take additional steps should they become necessary, or should we determine them to be in the best interest our our community.

The “Pop-up-black-box” at the Wellspring Wellness Center seats a maximum of 60 individuals, with flexible seating to allow for social distancing for individuals to find seats away from others.

  • All seats, counters/tables, and door handles are sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down after each performance.
  • All props and costumes are sprayed with disinfectant or washed if possible after each performance.
  • The restrooms are cleaned multiple times each day and after each performance to insure disinfectant process
  • The water fountain is also wiped down multiple times each day and after each performance to insure disinfectant process
  • The air conditioning system is HEPA filtered and UV light treated.
  • DoTerra misters with On Guard (Essential Oil Blend) are running in the halls
  • All cast and crew are being monitored for signs of symptoms. Anyone with any symptoms will stay home and we have stand-by performers and crew.
  • Future SRO productions are being put on hiatus, and will be reevaluated as the situation develops.
If you decide that you do not want to attend a performance, please contact us at, by calling 856-677-8243, or by direct message through Facebook or Instagram. We will be happy to move your tickets to another date, arrange a credit for a future production, or issue a refund.


Like the wandering minstrels of old, SRO Theater Group began as a traveling troupe in 2009. performing in Yelm’s cafés, outdoor pavilions, granges & living rooms. Our actors worked for food, drink, and applause. Since we formed our Board of Directors 5 years ago, we have been performing almost exclusively at the Triad Theater(in the historic Wolf Building, in the center of town). This was a familiar space to us, as many of our group performed therein the old Drew Harvey Theater, founded by Nancy Hillman, in the same location from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000’s.

It’s good to have a home. The stability and consistency of a permanent location allowed us to hone our craft,refine our process, improve the quality of our productions, raise funds for future productions and, most importantly, continue to grow our amazing audience. Perhaps our greatest achievement was obtaining our 501-(c)3 status, so all donations can now be 100% TAX DEDUCTABLE. With all this growth, we must have done something right –our audience is demanding more!

But sadly, like the Drew Harvey before it, the Triad Theater closed this past November.

One thing we have learned over the years is that Yelm, Washington IS a “Town of The Arts”. We believe that if we continue with our mission “To Keep the Magic of Theater ALIVE”, that Yelm could be a real center of the arts… a destination town for live entertainment. We could be the next Ashland, Oregon.

The SRO Board of Directors is hard at work finding our permanent home, and plan to be settled within the year. In the meantime, THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

So,we have donned our cap-and-bells, strapped on our baldrics, hiked up our chausses, and hit the open road. We are traveling once again! SRO will be performing our season in various venues about town. The community has been eager to partner with us and have offered us space and stages to continue to do what we have always done –put on quality plays and musicals.

To keep up with our activities, please visit our website, “Like” our Facebook page, send us your email address for our mailing list. Then STAY TUNED for show announcements, auditions, classes, and venue“reveals”.