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Nunsense is a hilarious spoof about the misadventures of five nuns trying to manage a fundraiser. Sadly, the rest of the sisterhood died from botulism after eating vichyssoise prepared by Sister Julia Child of God.


We have two different versions of this production to choose from:


On June 1st (2 shows to pick from that day - 2:30pm and 7:30pm) at The Outpost Church 102 E Yelm Ave in Yelm, WA. 


And Dinner Theater on June 4th 6pm - at The Uptown Lounge for ages 18+ in Yelm.

Nunsense-Black Box (No Dinner)

  • Select type of ticket to receive Student ($10) or Military/Senior ($18) or General Admission ($25) Prices.  The two shows on June 1st are at The Outpost Church in Yelm and DO NOT include Dinner.


    For the Dinner Show at The Uptown Lounge (ages 18+) on June 4th, select HOME on the top of this page and choose the NUNSENSE-DINNER THEATER show.

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