An SRO live Radio Show Production

Destry Rides Again!

An SRO LIVE Radio Show production!
Directed by Will Champagne
Produced by Dawn Young & Dave Champagne

When the tough western town of Bottleneck needs taming, the mild-mannered son of a hard-nosed sheriff gets the job done. The "Destry Rides Again!" Radio Play is based on the movie made famous by Jimmy Stewart (Tom Destry Jr.) and Marlene Dietrich (Frenchy).

Come join SRO theater as they re-create a 1940's radio show broadcast right before your eyes. In 1940's costumes, actors read scripts into vintage microphones to re-create classic Radios Shows from the Era. They even have a Foley Artist, creating sound effects, right on stage.

When the authentic "On Air" lights up, prepare to be transported through time.

This is the final of three classes


This is the final of three classes (can be taken by itself) with a culminating presentation PERFORMANCE of “Love’s Labour's Lost”.  This is Standing Room Only Theater's Shakespeare in the Park Workshop series.

There are rolls for several men and women as well as plenty of ensembles to go around!

Classes begin July 2nd.  Performances will take place on Saturday, August 25 & Sunday, August 26 at 5 pm in Cochrane Park!

TO REGISTER: You may email us at, or call 856-677-8243! (856-67-STAGE).

An SRO Theater Production

Shrek The Musical

The greatest fairy tale never told comes to life in this colorful, song-filled, Tony Award-winning Broadway production based on the hit movie, but with all original music. A show all ages will enjoy equally.

Show Opens November 16th, 2018.   Tickets go on sale in the Fall.

Auditions will Be August 27th, 28th and 30th.  If you’d like to be notified when auditions are officially announced… “LIKE” our facebook page: SRO Theater.